Remote Assistance - Flat Rate

Discover the advantageous Flat Rate

Annual All-inclusive Service Package with unlimited calls regardless of length of service and for any failure.

Open unlimited tickets, on any machine sold, with custom response times and extension to multiple machines.

This formula allows you to get a lot of benefits in an advantageous annual solution. The extra step over the standard remote assistance service, which is usually provided based on specific needs.

No-Limits Assistance

Remote Assistance Service with unlimited ticket opening, on any machine sold.

Prioritized response time

Very fast response time, maximum 4 hours from reporting the fault.

Customer dedicated point of contact

Ongoing support from the Expert After-Sales Manager at every stage of assistance, right through to resolution of the failure.

Minimum investment

The value of the contract is about 1% of the investment made with the purchase of the machine.

Extension of service to other machines

The service can be extended for a little additional amount to each new machine.