Modular SL

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Modular SL is a totally modular labeling machine that allows for a multitude of configurations and application technologies.
Fully interchangeable labeling stations are installed on it, which can be replaced in a few steps.
Thanks to this you can switch from a system with hot melt technology, to one with cold glue or a pressure sensitive one, in a very immediate way.

The labeling stations can be either fixed or on independent carts, therefore modularity is expressed both in the technologies available and in the configurations that can be obtained.

Modular SL is a machine with a vocation for safety, which makes the protection of the operator another of its strong points.
It features shutter protections, which, if raised, stop the machine operation instantaneously; the same innovation is applied on the cold glue stations (patent pending).

  • Production speed

    2,000 to 72,000 BpH

  • Machine Ø

    576 - 768 - 960 - 1120 - 1420 - 1730 - 2320

  • Plates

    6 to 64

  • Technology

    pressure sensitive, hot melt, cold glue, roll-fed hot melt, thermal shrinking

  • Applications

    front and back labels, neck labels, I, L and U tax stamps, wrap-around labels

  • Stations

    modular fixed or on cart

  • Markets served

    Wine & Spirits, Beer, Food & Dairy, Pet Food, Beverage, Personal & Home Care, Chemical, Pharmaceutical

  • Orientation systems with cameras, fiber optics or photocells
  • Universal clamping star-wheel
  • Quality control systems with cameras
  • Rejection systems
  • Ink-jet and/or laser markers
  • Empty container pressurization
  • Conveying system with pucks for unsteady containers
  • Automatic format changeover adjustments with motors
  • Smoothing on conveyor
  • RTX version with double carousel for application of tax stamps: discover