P.E. Labellers Brazil

Plant: 3,500 sqm | 10 agencies | 8 Service Specialists | more than 1,000 machines installed and assisted in Latin America

P.E. Labellers has a global dimension, with a geographic organization and a globally distributed sales & service network.

The Latin American market is served by an impressive P.E. Labellers Brazil location. The large production site of over 3,500 square meters, strategically located in São Paulo, is one of P.E. Labellers' 8 Design & Manufacturing Centers of Excellence.

The other P.E. plants are distributed between Italy and the United States.

P.E. Labellers organization in the world

LATIN AMERICA - Production Sites

ITALY - Headquarters & Production Sites

  • P.E. Labellers
  • PackLab
  • CRM Engineering
  • TMC
  • TRCG

USA - Manufacturing Sites & Offices

  • P.E. Labellers North America (OH)
  • P.E. Labellers North America (CA)

ASIA - Service Centers

  • ProMach Performances Service China

AGENCIES - with Technical Services

  • 76 agencies worldwide

The company has been developing in the South American market since the 2000s and has not stopped establishing itself in Brazil and other Latin American countries ever since.

P.E. Labellers - Brazil, founded in 2006, is today recognized as a reference point in the decorative labeling sector of the country, as a leading manufacturer of automatic rotary and fully modular labeling machines, as well as linear machines.

PE Brazil
PE Brazil Int

Production focuses on highly flexible labeling solutions, totally ergonomic and focused on operator's safety.

  • Modular SL machines featuring multiple configurations and application technologies, where completely interchangeable labeling stations are installed. These stations are replaceable in a few steps.
  • Pressure sensitive linear machines, modular and high precision labeling solutions.
  • Roll-fed labelers with hot glue technology, solutions for roll-fed wrap-around label applications with hot glue technology.
  • Machines with sleeve applicator, solutions for applying wrap-around labels with shrink technology.

The wide range of commercial offering allows the company to cover virtually all markets:
Wine & Spirits, Food & Dairy, Pet Food, Beverage, Personal & Home Care, Chemical, Pharmaceutical.

Proximity to customers is a must at P.E. and the ability to deliver professional services and provide spare parts and assistance is also a characteristic at P.E. Labellers - Brazil, where there are Service Engineers and Remote Assistance Specialists to support. Today, the company provides ongoing maintenance and assistance services, including remotely, for for more than 1,000 machines installed.

In 2020, P.E. Labellers put another flag on the labeling world by launching Simpl-Cut™ technology: a true revolution that changes the rules of how roll-fed machines operate. P.E. Labellers - Brazil has already won the trust of leading companies such as COCA-COLA and TORRES E PEDROSA (SANTA JOANA), among the first who chose to install Simpl-Cut™ to greatly optimize their production processes.

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