Reporting Violations - Whistleblowing

PE Labellers S.p.A. has adopted a specific procedure and a specific IT application "My Governance Zucchetti" for the management of reports in compliance with the D.Lgs. 24/2023.

The procedure, including information and conditions for internal and external reporting, can be downloaded in PDF at the bottom of the page.

Those responsible for managing reports have been identified and designated, to whom all interested parties (suppliers, customers, commercial partners, etc.) can contact to communicate any illicit, risky, non-compliant behavior or other malfunctions that may be detected, also making use of the methods indicated in the procedure adopted by the company (so-called Whistleblowing).

In the awareness that any reports can provide a useful and constructive contribution to the implementation and improvement of its organisation, the company offers protection for those who report any irregularities or dysfunctions, protecting them from possible retaliation. Everyone has the right to submit a report: employees, collaborators, partners of the company, but also third parties with which the company interacts, including, but not limited to, customers and suppliers. The protection of the whistleblower is an integral part of the company policies for respecting the principles of legality and transparency that inform the company.

Please refer to the Management Policy downloadable below for further information.

For any request for information, you can contact those responsible for managing reports:

- by email to the following email address: Pe.HR@promachbuilt.com

- by post addressed to the HR Office located in Via Industria 56 / 46047 Porto Mantovano (MN)

My Governance Zucchetti - Reporting Violations - Whistleblowing