P.E. Labellers North America

US based headquarters | 20 agencies | 10 service specialists

2,000 machines installed and serviced across the US and North America

P.E. Labellers is globally recognized for its extensive geographic organization and robust sales & service network.

Our North American operations are anchored by two key locations:

  • Cincinnati, Ohio: This site serves as one of P.E. Labellers' eight Design & Manufacturing Centers of Excellence, playing a pivotal role in our manufacturing capabilities.
  • Corona, California: Our West Coast Service Center, dedicated to providing exceptional support and service.

These strategic locations enable us to effectively serve the diverse needs of our customers across the United States and North America.

P.E. Labellers organization in the world

USA - Manufacturing Sites & Offices

  • Cincinnati, OH - Production Site
  • Corona, CA - Service Center

ITALY - Headquarters & Production Sites

  • P.E. Labellers
  • PackLab
  • Mondial
  • CRM Engineering
  • TMC
  • TRCG

LATIN AMERICA - Production Sites

  • P.E. Labellers Brazil (BR)

ASIA - Service Centers

  • ProMach Performance Service China

AGENCIES - with Technical Services

  • 76 agencies worldwide

Since the 1980s, P.E. Labellers has been continuously expanding its presence in the American market, establishing a strong reputation throughout the United States and North America.

Founded in 2001, P.E. Labellers USA has become a recognized leader in the decorative labeling industry. Renowned for fully modular automatic labeling machines, we are a trusted point of reference for excellence and innovation in the field.

P.E. Labellers - North American Headquarters - Cincinnati, OH

Our production is dedicated to creating highly flexible rotary labeling solutions that prioritize ergonomics and operator safety. The Modular SL machines offer multiple configurations and application technologies, featuring completely interchangeable labeling stations that can be replaced in just a few steps.

In addition to our modular rotary machines, P.E. Labellers USA also develops advanced linear machines like the PackLab Wing, ensuring a comprehensive range of labeling solutions to meet diverse industry needs.

Comprehensive Market Coverage

P.E. Labellers USA offers a diverse range of labeling solutions, catering to virtually all markets, including:

  • Wine & Spirits
  • Food & Dairy
  • Pet Food
  • Beverage
  • Personal & Home Care
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical

Commitment to Customer Proximity and Support

At P.E. Labellers USA, customer proximity is paramount. We pride ourselves on delivering professional services, spare parts, and assistance. Our team includes dedicated Service Engineers and Remote Assistance Specialists, ensuring continuous support. Currently, we provide ongoing maintenance and assistance, including remote services, for approximately 2,000 machines installed across the country. For quicker delivery options ask about our Stock Machine Program.

Innovation with Simpl-Cut™ Technology

In 2020, P.E. Labellers revolutionized the labeling industry with the launch of Simpl-Cut™ technology. This groundbreaking innovation redefines the operation of roll-fed machines. Leading companies like Refresco and Silver Springs have already adopted Simpl-Cut™ to significantly optimize their production processes, demonstrating trust in our cutting-edge solutions.

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