P.E. University - Training Academy

You haven't attended P.E. University yet, have you?

If your aim is to become more proficient in using the machine, increase your skills and become more self-reliant, you're ready to enroll.

We are pleased to introduce you to our new Training School, the flagship of P.E. Labellers. Here we deliver specific professional courses and provide multilevel technical expertise, with programs dedicated to different target audiences. Through the expertise of senior trainers, equipped classrooms, stand-alone machines for practical tests, and specialized training materials.

A step up from the usual standard training, delivered at machine delivery.

P.E. University is the right place to begin the educational path that best suits your needs and ambitions.

Learn about the programs and choose the course that's right for you.


  • Machine components knowledge
  • Basic operations on labeling groups
  • Format changeover management
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • HMI basic instructions


  • Advanced operation on labeling stations
  • Advanced HMI functions
  • Machine axes adjustment
  • Maintenance operations
  • Format program management


  • Centering and control program management
  • Centering and control parameter setting
  • Start-up of labeling stations
  • Insights on topics on request

Each course includes:

  • Specialist training materials
  • P.E. Labellers' Senior Trainer
  • Training and practical tests
  • Training rooms equipped with machines and stand-alone stations
  • End of course certificate