"Vertical Production" is something of a mantra at P.E. Labellers.

Our centers of excellence in the Design & Manufacturing of labeling machines are globally distributed between Italy, US and Brazil.

You can count on eight production sites highly specialized in the development of special lines of machines and key labeling components. Each production pole operates independently, while remaining fully integrated into P.E. in terms of business processes and production philosophy.

The sales offices ensure geographical proximity to customers, with a global network of qualified Sales & Service profiles, available where the companies produce.

8 production sites | 90 technical experts worldwide | 76 agencies worldwide

Worldwide P.E. Organisation

ITALIA – Headquarters & Production Sites

  • P.E. Labellers S.p.A.
  • Packlab
  • CRM Engineering

ITALIA – Component production companies

  • TMC
  • TRCG

NORTH AMERICA – Production Sites

  • P.E. Labellers North America (OH)

LATIN AMERICA – Production Sites

  • P.E. Labellers Brazil (BR)

ASIA - Service centres

  • Promach Performance Service China

NORD AMERICA – Service centres

  • P.E. Labellers USA (CA)

AGENCIES with technical support

Distributed worldwide