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We’re your trusted partner in OEE. Keep operations running smoothly with our 24/7 customer support.

As always, you need to protect what's most precious: the ability to provide specialized services for each type of machine, relying on a team of globally distributed, high-level technical profiles, represents a highly valuable plus. So that your production activity is as effective and efficient as possible.

You can count on 90 service experts around the world, with specific support by region and machine model.
The After Sales Manager will be by your side throughout the entire process, with non-stop professional assistance wherever you are.

The specialized services offered range from non-stop assistance, even remotely, to real-time machine diagnostics, after-sales services, dedicated training, and much more.
The PCS - Proactive Cycle Service - is the program used to optimize the performance of your machine and immediately achieve significant economic savings.

Please write us using the form below or contact us directly for any need for spare parts, repairs, assistance, maintenance.

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46047 Porto Mantovano (Italy)
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P.E. LABELLERS North America
89 Partnership Way
Cincinnati, OH 45241 (USA)
Tel: +1 (513) 771-7374
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Strada Kaiko, 11 - Maria Auxiliadora - Condomínio AFAM
CEP: 06843-195 - Embu das Artes - SP (Brazil)
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