Partial labels - front/back

Thanks to their versatility, P.E. Labellers machines are able to apply up to 6 labels on the same container.
We offer innovative solutions to apply body labels to packaging of any shape.
Front and back labels can be pressure sensitive or applied with cold glue.
The orientation solutions installed on the P.E. Labellers labeling machines allow for precise positioning, with the possibility of alignment to screen prints or applications already on the container.

Let's those who use our solutions tell us about their performance:

In the beginning, we purchased P.E. labeling machines with one main objective: to obtain an optimal labeling system for Refpet-type returnable bottles. We have continued to choose P.E. for the flexibility of the technical solutions proposed, which allow us to work with the most varied types of labels. The P.E. machines have been able to meet every new requirement of SOLAR COCA-COLA, accompanying the growth of the company with the required labeling solutions, always maintaining excellent performance and low maintenance costs.

Jansen Xavier, Engineering Manager, SOLAR COCA-COLA

When our customers express the need to label their products with an excellent quality level, my thoughts go to P.E. First of all, for the ability to react and the problem solving capability of the company. P.E. find the solution, at once. What you always would like to happen when you're facing a problem. The benefit is immediate for everyone, both us and the end customer.

Ivo Sani, Owner and Packaging Manager, SANI TRASPORTI

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