Remote Assistance

Remote specialist assistance

Remotely controlling a machine installed in any country is an advantage that cannot be done without today.

The saving of time, costs and energy is very high: technical problems are viewed, evaluated and solved with no technician on site.

Production efficiency is guaranteed.

You can count on P.E.'s 50 years of experience in providing you with highly reliable assistance. Today we are able to assist and test machines from one continent to another, guaranteeing continuity of service and reliability in the know-how of our service experts. We use HMI technologies that permit us to make geographically distributed technicians work jointly on the same machine, sharing in video call and in real time the diagnostic pages on the touch panels connected to the machines, identifying changes and correcting failures.

Plus & Benefit

  • Optimization of activities: the level of specialization of our service experts, combined with the technological innovation of the IT systems used, achieves a highly effective remote assistance service, regardless of the type of machine or geographical area.
  • Dramatic reduction of troubleshooting time: >80% of machines restarted without the need for the on-site presence of the expert technician.
  • Minimized machine downtime, protection of customer's manufacturing process.
  • Cost saving: significant reduction of costs related to production processes.
  • Double option in the provision of Remote Assistance Service, both the standard one and the advantageous "all-inclusive" package.