Success Story

Our success story shows that for us the top priority has been the same for 50 years: YOU.

P.E. Labellers has made labeling history throughout the world, thanks to its ability to adapt labelling machines to the new production requirements of companies and to the increasingly high quality standards imposed by the market.

It was founded in 1974 in Mantua (Italy) and for almost 50 years P.E. Labellers has shown continuous growth in the global market.

The company is now a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic and fully modular labeling machines featuring superior standards.

P.E. Labellers is an Italian company that boasts 100% Made-in-Italy production, with 95% of its revenues developed on international markets.

Over the years the size of the company has steadily increased and extended globally: today P.E. Labellers consists of 9 sites distributed between Italy, US and Brazil, with about 500 employees, 90 service experts out of which are present worldwide.

Since 2017, P.E. Labellers has been part of the US multinational group ProMach, a world leader in Packaging.

P.E. Labellers modular machines meet the needs of many sectors: Beverage, Food & Dairy, Wine & Spirits, Personal & Home Care, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pet Food.

The manufacturing strategy adopted by P.E. Labellers is based on the concept of "Vertical Production", which has led to the creation of 8 different Centers of Excellence in Design & Manufacturing. Our globally distributed production sites are highly specialized in the development of special lines of automatic labelling machines, operating independently while remaining strongly integrated into P.E. Labellers.

Today, the Lean Production of the P.E. Labellers group leads to the creation of 7 lines of labelling machines and 500 machines produced every year, exported all over the world and largely managed remotely. All machine components are processed in an automated way and each part is mass-produced to ensure high quality control and strong reduction of material waste.

The '70s - The dream becomes a company

1974: P.E. LABELLERS is established

  • The adventure begins from a dream of two visionaries: Bruno Negri and Mario Ballarotti
  • Start production of linear and rotary cold glue labelers
  • We are at the dawn of labeling technologies: the machines have a square base, without protections
  • P.E. produces the first machines up to 8,000 BpH for the Mineral Water sector
  • The conquer of the international market starts and the company begins producing machines for the US

The '80s - Rapid development

P.E. continues to grow and differentiate itself

  • It establishes TRCG and TMC, the two Italian third party production companies, dedicated to the production of mechanical parts and machine bases
  • CRM Engineering, the company dedicated to the production of equipment and components for automatic labelers, is founded
  • The labeling technology market is evolving and hot melt technology takes big steps

The '90s - Continued growth, at different speeds

Not only high and very high speed

  • MONDIAL company is born, dedicated to the production of automatic labeling machines for mid-to-low speeds
  • The labeling industry marks a milestone: machines with operator protections are produced
  • The corporate offering is now richer: new types of machines for higher speeds, new labeling technologies, new markets covered

The 2000s - Global Expansion, Vertical Manufacturing

P.E.'s growth shows no sign of stopping

  • The company PACKLAB is created, specialized in the production of labeling systems with pressure sensitive technology
  • P.E. cuts the ribbon in the New World: it inaugurates the two American branches of P.E. Labellers - US in Ohio and California, and P.E. Labellers - Brazil in Brazil
  • Vertical Manufacturing is precisely delineated: P.E. creates factories around the world, where each production site is dedicated to specific lines of machines.
  • The company further imposes itself on the market: it launches the Rollmatic roll-fed labeler, the Roll-line linear labeler and the Adhesleeve pre-glued labeling technology

Today and Tomorrow - The approach to Design Innovation

Endless Passion for Innovation

  • Labeling technologies take giant steps: ergonomic machines with round base are born
  • P.E.'s Design Innovation leads to the creation of Modular, completely flexible and ergonomic machines
  • P.E. is acquired by ProMach, an American multinational group and world leader in the Packaging sector
  • P.E. Headquarters double: the second factory and production site is inaugurated, next to the original one
  • P.E. puts another flag in the labeling world and launches the revolutionary Simpl-Cut™ technology, which changes the rules of Roll-fed operation, worldwide
  • The story goes on: the Passion for Innovation and the search for Quality never stop