Labeling solutions for new pharmaceutical production needs

The pharmaceutical industry, urged by global pressures and just-in-time production requirements, demands a level of expertise and flexibility that can only be fully met through a modular technological approach.

Our labeling machines for the pharmaceutical industry are so versatile that they are ideal for application on:

  • glass vials and small bottles
  • plastic or glass bottles
  • plastic containers
  • glass jars

P.E. plays in advance and responds with Design Innovation smart solutions, through modular pressure sensitive and high precision labeling machines.

Learn about P.E. Labellers machines suitable for many Pharmaceutical applications

Pressure sensitive labels

P.E. machines can apply paper, plastic or transparent adhesive labels, both partial body (front and back) and wrap-around.

Cold glue pre-cut labels

P.E. machines can apply pre-cut labels with cold glue technology. Paper solutions, for partial front and back or wrap-around applications on small containers can be used.

Shrinkable Labels

P.E. machines can apply shrink labels for the most varied packaging needs:

  • Full body
  • Partial body
  • Tamper-evident seal on cap (seal of guarantee)
  • Underlap
  • Vertical and/or horizontal pre-cut
  • Pairing for promotions (Bi-pack)

Sigilli I-L-U

Le macchine P.E. possono applicare sigilli in carta e plastica, con tecnologia colla a freddo o adesiva. Per evitare manomissione dei sigilli offriamo sistemi di rinforzo con colla a caldo.