Food & Dairy

The key point is flexibility

The strength lies in flexibility: the extreme modularity that P.E. machines offer can satisfy companies of different sizes, from multinationals to line manufacturers, from food manufacturers to subcontractors.

Our Food & Dairy labeling machines show such versatility that they are ideal for application on:

  • plastic or glass bottles
  • small glass bottles
  • glass or plastic jars
  • plastic containers
  • small and large cans
  • glass jars

Many types of containers, for food products, dairy products, oil products, seasoning sauces, multivitamin super food, healthy food for the most demanding.

Learn about P.E. Labellers machines suitable for various applications in the Food & Dairy Industry

Pressure sensitive labels

P.E. machines can apply paper, plastic or transparent adhesive labels, both partial body (front and back) and wrap-around.

Hot melt pre-cut labels

P.E. machines can apply pre-cut wrap-around labels with hot melt technology. Paper and also OPP/plastic solutions can be used.

Cold glue pre-cut labels

P.E. machines can apply pre-cut labels with cold glue technology. Paper solutions, for partial front and back or wrap-around applications on small containers can be used.

Roll-fed hot melt labels

P.E. machines can apply roll-fed wrap-around labels with hot melt. OPP/plastic or even paper solutions can be used.

Roll-fed pre-glued labels

P.E. machines can apply OPP/plastic roll-fed wrap-around labels.

Shrinkable Labels

P.E. machines can apply shrink labels for the most varied packaging needs:

  • Full body
  • Partial body
  • Tamper-evident seal on cap (seal of guarantee)
  • Underlap
  • Vertical and/or horizontal pre-cut
  • Pairing for promotions (Bi-pack)

I, L, U shape tax stamps

P.E. machines can apply paper and plastic tax stamps, with cold glue or pressure sensitive technology. To prevent tampering with the tax stamps we offer hot melt reinforcement systems.