When the labeling system makes a difference

Today's Beverage industry, from mineral waters to soft drinks, from beers to drinkable yogurts, requires a level of expertise and flexibility that can only be fully met through a modular approach. P.E. plays in advance and responds with Innovation Design smart solutions.

Our mineral water and soft-drink labeling machines show such versatility that they are ideal for application on:

  • plastic or glass bottles
  • plastic jars
  • cans


Pressure sensitive labels

P.E. machines can apply paper, plastic or transparent adhesive labels, both partial body (front and back) and wrap-around.

Roll-fed hot melt labels

P.E. machines can apply roll-fed wrap-around labels with hot melt. OPP/plastic or even paper solutions can be used.

Roll-fed pre-glued labels

P.E. machines can apply OPP/plastic roll-fed wrap-around labels.

Hot melt pre-cut labels

P.E. machines can apply pre-cut wrap-around labels with hot melt technology. Paper and also OPP/plastic solutions can be used.

Cold glue pre-cut labels

P.E. machines can apply pre-cut labels with cold glue technology. Paper solutions, for partial front and back or wrap-around applications on small containers can be used.

Shrinkable Labels

P.E. machines can apply shrink labels for the most varied packaging needs:

  • Full body
  • Partial body
  • Tamper-evident seal on cap (seal of guarantee)
  • Underlap
  • Vertical and/or horizontal pre-cut
  • Pairing for promotions (Bi-pack)