Wrap-around label from reel

The most common and widely used application in the Beverage industry, but not limited to, is the roll-fed wrap-around label.
OPP labels can be applied with hot melt technology or with the innovative solution of pre-glued labels. The revolutionary Simpl-Cut™ solution puts both technologies on the same machine, achieving a quick switch from one to the other based on production needs.
Innovative orientation technologies also make it possible to easily apply labels to cylindrical and shaped containers.

Let's those who have been using our solutions for forty years tell us about the performance achieved:

Today, compared to the past, machines must be more flexible and offer fast format changeover, since the market requires continuous evolutions both in the bottle shapes and in the labels, which must have an ever greater impact in the eyes of the consumer. Modular machines are the correct answer to today's needs. Flexible P.E. solutions are what we've been choosing for 40 years.

Tullio Tiozzo, Refresco Italy™ Manufacturing Director

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