P.E. Labellers at CIBUS TEC 2023

set. 28, 2023

The Mantua-based company, global leader in the production of completely modular and ergonomic labeling machines, presents the new SkyLine at the Parma trade show.

This solution is the latest born in P.E. Labellers: a revolutionary linear labeling machine with pressure sensitive technology, which breaks the rules and differs significantly from any other solution available today. SkyLine is a design icon, with a compact and attractive layout, completely ergonomic, with automatic adjustments and easy maintenance.

Already presented as a preview on the American market at Pack Expo (Las Vegas, 11-13/09/23) and on the European market at the PPMA (Birmingham – UK, 26-28/09/23), the new solution has achieved an immediate success. The presence of SkyLine at Cibus Tec 2023 could not be missed: the fair is a privileged showcase for presenting the most innovative solutions in the world of Packaging, with a particular focus on Food & Beverage. For P.E. Labellers the show represents an unmissable event, even more significant for the presentation of completely disrupting solutions.

In addition to SkyLine, the P.E. stand Labellers also hosts Modular SL, the iconic flexible labelling solution, multi-configuration and multi-technology. Fully interchangeable labeling stations are installed on it, which can be replaced in a few steps. The labeling stations can be either fixed or on independent carts.

Finally, 𝐀𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐫𝐚 5.0, the sleeve applicator and tamper evident that offers the flexibility to perform four different heat-shrink applications, will be visible at the booth too.

Technological innovation makes P.E. Labellers is a unique company of its kind.

The key point is represented by the absolute flexibility in combining all the different existing labeling technologies: pressure sensitive, cold glue pre-cut, hot melt pre-cut, roll-fed pre-glued, roll-fed hot melt, tax stamps and hybrid labeling solutions. The concept of modularity is extended to every component of the machines, designed in ergonomic solutions and strongly oriented towards energy saving.

The manufacturing strategy adopted by P.E. is based on “Vertical Production” concept, which led to the creation of 8 different Centers of Excellence in Design & Production. Globally distributed production sites, highly specialized in the development of certain lines of automatic labeling machines, which operate independently while remaining strongly integrated into the P.E. Group. (5 in Italy, 2 in USA, 1 in Brazil).

Today the Lean Production of the P.E. group leads to the creation of 550 machines per year produced and exported all over the world, largely managed remotely. Each component of the machine is treated automatically, and each part is mass-produced to guarantee high quality control and a strong reduction in material waste.

Research & Development represents the engine of P.E.'s evolution and its success on the market. Every year the company invests > 5% of its turnover in innovation, design and development of new technologies.

The application areas and sectors served cover the entire Packaging spectrum.

The flexible solutions of P.E. Labellers meet the needs of multiple application areas: beverage, food & dairy, wine & spirits, home care & personal care, chemical, pharmaceutical. All these sectors require a level of competence and flexibility that can only be completely satisfied through a modular approach.

Sobre PE Labellers

Fabricantes de alimentos, bebidas, vinho e destilados, comida para animais, cuidados pessoais, produtos químicos e cosméticos no mundo inteiro confiam nos sistemas de rotulagem rotativa e linear de alta velocidade da P.E. Labellers. De sistemas com cola fria e hot melt, a autoadesivos, roll-fed e combinados, a P.E. Labellers trabalha com a mais ampla gama de soluções de aplicação de rótulos. Como parte da linha de negócios ProMach Decorative Labeling, a P.E. Labellers ajuda seus clientes de embalagens a proteger e a aumentar a reputação e a confiança dos consumidores. ProMach é desempenho, e a prova disso está em cada embalagem. Saiba mais sobre a P.E. Labellers no site www.PELabellers.com.

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