P.E. Labellers brings the latest innovative labeling solutions at Pack Expo 2023

ago 29, 2023

The awaited trade show will take place in Las Vegas – NV from September 11 to 13, and P.E. Labellers is ready to welcome the visitors and let them discover three iconic labeling solutions exhibited at Booth #3025, inside the amazing, huge ProMach exhibition area.

This year there is one more reason to come to the P.E. Labellers’ booth: we have chosen the international trade show to preview on the market the new SkyLine, the revolutionary linear labeling machine with pressure sensitive technology, which breaks the rules and differs significantly from any other solutions present today.

SkyLine is a design icon, with a compact and captivating layout, completely ergonomic, with automatic adjustments and easy maintenance.

In addition to the SkyLine, you will also be able to see Modular SL, the famous flexible multi-configuration and multi-technology labelling solution, and Aurora 5.0, the shrink sleeve and tamper band applicator which offers the flexibility to perform four different shrink applications.

What’s on the line?

P.E. Labellers is ready to show you the latest news:

Modular SL - ergonomic and flexible machine, fully equipped with all the new labelling stations. Modular SL is a multi-configuration and multi-technology solution. Fully interchangeable labeling stations are installed on it, which can be replaced in a few steps. The labeling stations can be either fixed or on independent carts.

  • new Simpl-Cut™ Roll-fed unit on cart
  • new FA-ST 140 m/min PSL groups both on cart and fixed module
  • new automatic PSL junction solution
  • cold glue cut & stack station on cart
  • hot melt cut & stack stations on cart
  • vision orientation system
  • quality check
  • multiformat starwheels

Aurora 5.0 – new shrink sleeve and tamper band applicator, compact and high-performance labeler, easy to install and to maintain, built to maximize output and reduce operating costs. Il offers the flexibility to perform four different shrink applications, with a production speed up to 500 cpm:

  • Full body sleeves
  • Full body over-the-cap sleeves
  • Partial body sleeves
  • Tamper evident bands

SkyLine: keep ready to unveil! This is the revolutionary new generation of pressure sensitive linear labelling. This completely innovative solution, with an ergonomic and captivating design, boosts a mix of benefits that differentiates it from any other linear labelling machine on the market.

Pack Expo 2023 will be the best opportunity to discover live P.E. Labellers innovative solutions and see the difference from all the others.

P.E. Labellers showcases all its strength through iconic labeling solutions of design innovation.

The company exhibits at Hall 13 | booth A75 within the huge ProMach exhibition area.

Acerca de PE Labellers

Los fabricantes de alimentos, bebidas, vinos y licores, alimentos para mascotas, cuidado personal, productos químicos y cosméticos de todo el mundo confían en los sistemas de etiquetado lineal y rotativo de alta velocidad de P.E. Labellers. Desde cola fría y fusión en caliente hasta los sistemas autoadhesivos, alimentados por rodillos y combinados, P.E. Labellers ofrece la gama más amplia de soluciones de etiquetado. Como parte de la línea de negocio de etiquetado decorativo de ProMach, P.E. Labellers ayuda a nuestros clientes del sector de los envases a proteger y aumentar su reputación entre los consumidores, y a mantener su confianza. ProMach es sinónimo de rendimiento y la prueba está en cada envase. Más información sobre P.E. Labellers en www.PELabellers.com.

Contacto con los medios
P.E. Labellers Marketing | E-mail: PELabellers.Marketing@ProMachBuilt.com

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