The diamond point
of P.E. LABELLERS technology

For many years P.E. LABELLERS decided to accelerate the R&D related to labelling machines, making important and constant investments in human resources and means. The efforts in this field are concentered in maximizing the reliability of its labellers and over reduce the changeover times. Particular attention is paid to the flexibility of the rotary labelers and linear labelers which is more often required by the final users. To develop record speed labelling stations in all technologies (cold glue, self-adhesive, hot melt and roll-fed) is not merely an end in itself but it is a way to study and apply new materials and state-of-the-art technologies in order to transfer them to mass-production.
Another important aspect of P.E. labeling machines are the remarkable electronic components installed. One of the main aims of P.E. LABELLERS is the development, setting and installation of its own electronic systems to manage the global running of its labellers. Automation is more and more important concerning adjustments and machine controls by means of electronic cards, inverter, servomotors, PLC and panel operators. The great versatility of the manufactured labelling machines is also completed by the installation of photocells, sensors, and camera systems able to make standard even the most particular kind of application.
Over the last years, P.E. LABELLERS has paid particular attention to the labelers ecological aspects and their environmental impact. Insomuch as it has promptly and specifically provided to adapt its technologies and its labelling systems within the current regulations concerning the environmental protection and energy savings giving special attention to consumption and safety at work as well.

The power of innovation

The continuous research and innovation brought P.E. LABELLERS to invest on the preservation of the intellectual property of its own projects, by asking patents over all labelling sections. The extensive investments in this field represent its bold aptitude in being on the cutting-edge for both product and process.