Pe Labellers 40 anniversary


We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that P.E. LABELLERS has won the Innovation Challenge award "Lucio Mastroberardino" SIMEI 2015 in the "New Technology" category, with its new self-adhesive unit for high speeds.

P.E. LABELLERS ranked first place with the innovative automatic joiner for self-adhesive labels.

With the insertion and use of the automatic joiner, when the adhesive unit is in "production" and is using the first label reel, the operator can prepare an additional one for the joiner. Once the reel "in production" is finished, the second reel automatically takes over on stand-by, thus eliminating downtime and consequently ensuring production continuity.

The development of the automatic joiner arises from the need to overcome the issue of the distances between labels, which can vary from one supplier to another, resulting in the need for the operator to intervene continuously. In order to solve this issue, P.E. Labellers has developed a self-learning software that "records" the position of the label on the reel and calculates the absolute position. This allows each label to be managed individually and to be placed on the detaching blade with no need for the step of the previous labels.

This major and remarkable innovation by P.E. LABELLERS ensures the same production speed of a NON-STOP machine without joiner, further reducing by 25% the space occupied by the machine and halving the number of adhesive units required.

The prize awarded to P.E. LABELLERS is a source of pride for the Group for the efforts made and has also encouraged it to continue pursuing innovation and improvement, with the aim to guarantee full satisfaction for its customers thanks to its 100% efficient labelling machines.