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Quality purpose!

P.E. LABELLERS Technical Service and Spare Parts departments are growing. This is not merely due to the increasing number of labelling machines sold and installed all around the world, but it is also due to P.E. LABELLERS purpose to further significantly improve the quality of these essential services. P.E. LABELLERS aims to minimize the reaction times concerning technical interventions, spare-parts and new change-parts offer and delivery.

To completely achieve the quality purpose, the Spare Parts and Technical Service Departments have been endowed with highly qualified dedicated Technical Department. Concerning Technical service, P.E. raised the number of technicians for outside interventions, with skilled personnel even able to deliver professional training, in different languages, on P.E. LABELLERS labelling machines installed at customer sites worldwide.


ver the years, P.E. LABELLERS has always aimed at, and been recognised for, eliminating or drastically reducing the need for maintenance.
Worn parts are replaced during scheduled maintenance but to resolve potential electronic breakdown easily, all the machines are equipped with a remote assistance device.
Essentially, from the Italian headquarters, it is possible to check the machines installed in any part of the world via the internet; to assess any problems and resolve them - in the vast majority of cases - remotely, without the need for an on-site technician.