P.E. LABELLERS offers labelling machines of any sort and any size. Automatic rotary and linear labellers are suitable for any kind of application at any production speed (from 60 to 1.300 bpm). We also offer small semi-automatic labellers and a wide range of products perfect to satisfy any kind of enquiry.

P.E. LABELLERS can propose labellers with all labelling systems available on the market:
- Cold glue labelling machines
- Self-adhesive labelling machines
- Hot melt labelling machines for precut label application
- Hot melt labelling machines for label application from reel (roll-fed)
- Roll-fed labelling machines for pre-glued linerless label application
- 100% modular labelling machines using different labelling systems
- Sleeve labelling applicators

Among the avant-garde technologies used on P.E. LABELLERS equipments:
- 100% Modularity! Labelling machines with universal machine central body able to handle all the currently available labelling systems, allowing its users to decide which labelling station to install, when to install it and whether to install labelling units as fixed (peninsular) or modular (trolley) fittings.
- Ergonomic safety guards allowing greater accessibility for all the maintenance and change over operations and guaranteeing total levels of safety for the operators (we are the first and the ones, for the moment, to succeed in it!)
- Integrated servomotors for the rotation of the bottle plates
- Optical centring systems of the containers by means of cameras and photocells
- Automatic lubrication systems (ordinary maintenance operations removed)
- No-Stop Systems without line stops.
- Programmable changeovers.
- Unsteady containers labelling systems ("pucks")
- Pre-glued labels application system: ADHESLEEVE TECHNOLOGY

100% Made-in-Italy

the P.E. LABELLERS technology flagship!

Introduced in 2009, ADHESLEEVE is an innovative roll-fed labeller using pre-glued films. Since the adhesive is pre-applied in register during label printing, ADHESLEEVE can be classified as a linerless self-adhesive labelling machines.

The ADHESLEEVE TECHNOLOGY technology eliminates two major problems that contributed to the ineffectiveness of Roll-Fed labellers: Hot Melt Glue and Label Cut. The variety of patent applications underline the considerable innovation that has been injected into the realization of "Adhesleeve", which is the most practical, performance-reliable, and economic Roll-Fed labelling technology by far.

Adhesleeve technology is suitable for processing transparent 20µ-films (30% thinner if compared to standard 35µ films), increasing the number of labels on a reel by 70% more labels. This saves money, creates high autonomy and results in less line downtimes! The pre-glue film is not new it is merely the evolution of adhesive tape technology since 1950. Any converter today is able to pre-glue film for labels using standard materials available on the market. In fact the pre-glued labels are easy to be produced and easy to be found. Furthermore rolls with pre-applied adhesive do not require special storage conditions, and have no restrictions in terms of resistance and durability compared to standard Roll-Fed labels.

Due to this innovative technology P.E. has achieved several important sanitary, environmental, and ecological goals. These include the elimination of the hot melt, the absence of fumes produced by heating the hot melt, as well as the elimination of harmful products to clean the glue residuals makes the product entirely recyclable.
Also available with the thermal shrinking system, this technology brings to remarkable savings thanks to the option of creating a Sleeve-type packaging with one labelling machine, only by changing the type of film.
Here below we can assume the main technical features:
- One cylinder only for label cutting and dispensing - no more critical passage between cutting and dispensing as is the case with classical Roll-Fed labellers.
- The film is cut with as many blades as the divisions in drum - "Adhesleeve" Labellers are the only machines with more than two cutting blades!
- The film is held by vacuum and the blade projects 2mm, from the inside to the outside of the drum, cutting the film without interaction of fixed and rotary blades. That is why this latest technology is not affected by differences in film thickness and doesn't require any adjustment.
- The surface of the film with the registered adhesive is not in contact with the drum. For this reason the cut is performed without glue contamination of the blade. The registered adhesive does not leave residue, hence no cleaning is required during the working shift.
- Absence of Hot-Melt glue and interaction of fixed and rotary blades for film cutting GUARANTEE higher line performance.

Thanks to P.E. LABELLERS's special pneumatic planning heads, Adhesleeve can also label empty containers, at any output speed.

3P Project

PROTECTION A revolutionary project for safety guards enabling the central body of the labeller to be assembled in the smallest possible space IN ACCORDANCE WITH SAFETY REGULATIONS. Innovative independent protection on the cold glue labelling stations guarantees 100% operator safety.

PRACTICAL The rounded up frame and the up/down safety guards on the front and back side of the machine, activated by an automatic control, allow greater accessibility to the machine itself for the operator. The operator can easily and quickly carry out all the maintenance and change over operations while standing upright.

PRICE The benefits derived from the daily use of the Ergonomic models quickly amortize the small charge on the cost of the base machine.



The self-adhesive label application with no stop system consists of two labeling units for each type of label (front, back, etc.), complete with retractable slides allowing an easier and quicker reel change over. With this system it is possible to shift from the working unit to the standing one without speed slowdowns. Thanks to this operation the labels are applied continuously without production stops. The shifting from one group to the other is carried out even in case of an emergency on the group, reel breaking or missing labels on the reel.


The cold glue label application with no stop system consists of two labeling units for the same label. There are two steps in this process. During the first step, one of the two stations is running while the other one is withdrawn and the sponge of the hook drum is far from the container. For the second step, when the station stops labeling, the one in standby automatically moves forward and starts production with a different label; at the same time the standing station withdraws and set itself in a safe position. This allows the operator to carry out label changeover, while the machine is running.