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April 2019: P.E. LABELLERS turns 45

PE Labellers - April 2019: P.E. LABELLERS turns 45

P.E. LABELLERS has reached an important milestone: 45 years of activity for a company that carved out for itself a leading role at global level in the manufacture of labelling machines, offering the most complete range of types of machinery and technologies used. The company’s growth has been characterised by a continuous investment in research and development, human resources, production technologies, and infrastructure. The fruits of this constant effort are its 450 employees and 8 production plants in the region of Mantua, conceived in accordance with the philosophy of centres of excellence: each one with a specific focus.

A newly-minted member of ProMach Inc., the leading American group in packaging solutions, a few months ago P.E. Labellers inaugurated the new Group Headquarters at 56 Via dell’Industria, in Porto Mantovano: 4,000 sq.m. of new offices on 3 floors that house the Sales, R&D - Technical, mechanical and electronic, Support, Spare Parts, Purchasing, and Administration departments. P.E. Labellers, mindful of the needs of the market and those of customers, created “P.E. Academy”, the first training centre to be dedicated exclusively to labelling machines. The company’s goal is continuous growth: in this context, in December 2018 it started the construction of a new production plant that will cover a surface area of 15,000 sq.m. and which is expected to be ready at the end of the year.

Thus continues the expansion phase, with the same objective: to provide the best labelling technologies and the best support to various industrial sectors that include foodstuffs, water and beverages, wine and spirits, detergents and cosmetics, and the chemical and industrial sector, at global level, thanks to the company’s network of Branches, Partners and Agents.