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PE Labellers - DJAZAGRO 2012, PREVIEW

Quality at minimum costs for all types of package

P.E. MAGHREB, the new P.E. LABELLERS Group's Maghrebi branch, is going to exhibit the new range of labellers manufactured in the Algerian factory, at Djazagro 2012.

These linear automatic machines have been created to apply both body and back labels, but the range also consists of semi-automatic, cheaper models and solutions being suitable for small-sized manufacturing companies who do not need high speed, but are very demanding in terms of quality!

The main P.E. MAGHREB's goal is the satisfaction of customers who require high packaging quality for a limited production, i.e. an excellent labelling quality (according to the high P.E. LABELLERS' quality standard).

Different versions of semi-automatic machines will also be available to apply only one label or both body and back label; the machines are suitable for any kind of container or package and no additional costs are required for label format changes; this way it is possible to achieve the highest degree of packaging flexibility and at the same time to meet the needs of customers in various market sectors.