PE Labellers news


After opening locations in the United States and Brazil, P.E. LABELLERS inaugurates P.E. MAGHREB, a new branch in Algeria dedicated exclusively to the Maghrebi market. It includes on-site production of semi-automatic and automatic self-adhesive linear labelling machines, aimed at meeting the needs of the local market more efficiently.

One of the main objectives of the P.E. LABELLERS policy is, in fact, to best meet the demand in each country, attempting to be present in the market as a local supplier as much as possible.

This strategy enables improved efficiency and timeliness in terms of the after-sales service involving supply of spare parts and technical assistance. It also contributes to further completing the already wide range of labelling machines produced.

With the addition of semi-automatic machines, P.E. LABELLERS now features full availability of the machinery and equipment currently on the market in the labelling sector.