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Slovakia: a satisfying market for P.E. LABELLERS

PE Labellers - Slovakia: a satisfying market for P.E. LABELLERS

The distillates market continues to seek the cutting-edge technology of P.E. LABELLERS.

In Slovakia, the ST. NICOLAUS company, the largest distillate group in the country, producer of Tri Borievky premium vodka, has entrusted the packaging of its premium products to P.E. LABELLERS, acquiring a MODULAR TOP 1420, for optical orientation with fixed cameras combined with plates with servomotor transmission.

Label application will be a combination of self-adhesive and cold glue, with fixed units set up in a peninsular layout and Mobile units positioned on trolleys. Completing the versatility of the machine is the Rotoxa module for dedicated U-shaped tax seal pressing on relative carousel at the machine outfeed. U-shaped tax seal application is guaranteed by a hot melt reinforcement that sets the application of the seals on the bottle neck.

The solution chosen by ST. NICOLAUS will be installed at the facilities in Slovakia in February 2017 and will guarantee a production of 12,000 bph.