PE Labellers news



P.E. LABELLERS has recently successfully delivered, installed and started-up a MODULAR PLUS 1420-10 SM 6P 0-2-0-0-0 self-adhesive labelling machine for the decoration of the typical and very special 4- and 5-litre REPSOL motor oil containers at speeds of up to 12,000 cph.

The absolute unique feature of the application is the label that wraps almost entirely around the container, reaching exceptional sizes: 450 mm.

This machine uses the proven technology of 140 m/min adhesive units, veritable "endurance" units now used by all of the world's largest groups in the chemical industry, because they allow users to work in "NON-STOP" mode, with automatic exchange of the self-adhesive units in action without stopping the machine and therefore without production losses due to finished label reel changes, in addition to the opportunity to label with front or back configuration and the possibility of applying promotional adhesive stickers.

In order to provide REPSOL with the assurance of delivering products to the markets with excellent quality and image, P.E. LABELLERS installed a control system on the machine, with cameras to check perfect label application and the correct product code stamped on the labels.